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Solution for Rental Departments

Christian Adam Concierge has collaborated with DataKatch, providing real estate agencies, and their property management departments, with online tools that support a streamlined tenancy selection process.

Known as Christian Adam Connect, this initiative offers so much value that it’s almost too good to be true!

To enjoy access to innovative industry software for free, earn referral fees on utility connections, and save time and money on software, real estate agencies and their property management departments can apply to become a Referral Partner of Christian Adam Connect.

Systems and Tools

Tenancy Database

Revolutionise the way residential tenancy applicants are screened, aiding in the management of default tenants.

Profiling System

Access high quality, in-depth information including; VEVO Searches, Quick Link Lookups and Profile Records.

Listings System

Report default tenants with confidence using our no-restrictions listings process, powered by our Advanced Intelligent Matrix System.

Commercial Register

Find out if a company or business has been registered with DataKatch as having a past or current Commercial or Retail Lease.

OFI System / App

Record, store and manage prospective tenants' details in the office, or at open homes, using your smartphone or tablet.

MaO Interface

Invite prospective tenants to make offers on rental properties and electronically manage, accept and decline incoming offers.

Tenant Application

Allow prospective tenants to apply for rental properties online, and have them automatically screened on DataKatch's Residential Tenancy Database and Profiling System.

Serviceability Scoring

Score tenancy applicants using collective data analysed by our predictive analysis algorithms. Tenancy applicants and occupants can be scored individually or as a collective.

Multi-Site Sharing

Companies with more than one office can setup Multi-Site Data Sharing allowing their offices to freely share information on tenants within their own private network environment.

Online Booking Interface

Allow prospective tenants to book inspections online to view rental properties.

Peer-2-Peer Emailing System

Electronically communicate with subscribers via our Peer-2-Peer Emailing System.

Utility Connection Portal

Connect and manage tenants utility connections and track offices referral fees.


Earn Referral Fees on all Successful Utility Connections for Tenants

$ to $
$ to $
$ to $

Referral fees are paid per successful connection, CHRISTIANADAM CONNECT has the right to revise referral fees at anytime. Review Referrer Agreement.

*Referral fees include GST and are in AUD.

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