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How much money is your property management department spending on software solutions each year? If you’re like the majority of property management departments around the country, you’re spending thousands of dollars on everything from Trust Accounting packages, to applications that help streamline open homes.

No matter which way you look at it, the cost of running a property management department can become very expensive, very quickly, when you start adding up the various subscription fees.

With the Christian Adam Connect solution offered by DataKatch and Christian Adam Concierge, not only are you streamlining your subscriptions, but you’ll notice a marked increase in productivity. This newly found subscription option Christian Adam Connect Premium+ offers so much value that it’s almost too good to be true.

The best bit it that by using the software, your property management department could also earn additional income through the built-in utility connection portal, with Christian Adam Concierge paying referral fees on all successful tenants’ utility connections.